For an exhilarating, adrenaline filled driving experience it doesn’t get much better than powersliding a rally prepared Subaru Impreza on a muddy or gravel surface! Learn rally driving techniques as you drive not one, but two 6 lap sessions in our rally car in Elvington, York.

You will learn to power slide the car as well as practice correcting over steer and under steer.

Following registration your rally instructor will explain the layout of the track and tell you about the Subaru rally car that you will be driving.

Practice sliding the car around and correcting over steer as you use opposite lock and plenty of power to get you around the rally stage. After completion of your first drive you will have a short break to gather your thoughts and ask any questions before jumping back in the driving seat for another 6 lap session! This time you will go even faster and even more sideways!

Our rally cars are fitted with roll cages for maximum safety.

Call us on 07707 234209 to book a Double Rally Driving Experience.

Our next dates for this experience are:

Saturday 23rd October – York £79.00

Saturday 13th November £79.00

Double Rally Thrill



Double Rally Thrill

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